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2013 2016
Robin Hall 25:23 31:46
Alfred Pipe 26:08 25:54
David Craggs 26:09 23:15
Simon Linford 26:20 28:22
Henry Pipe 26:41 32:36
Niall Byrne 27:07 DNS
Matthew Hall 27:18 24:03
Alex Byrne 27:19 25:39
Paul Carless 27:49 DNA
Arthur Reeves 29:47 24:18
George Craggs 29:51 24:08
David Pipe 29:52 21:00
Tomas Byrne 30:16 DNS
Ewan Hull 30:46 29:06
Kate Craggs 31:48 29:23
David Hull 34:01 26:24
Thomas Gay 34:05 29:06
Vicky Wilby 34:10 DNS
Cecilia Pipe 34:47 35:43
Becky Sugden 35:14 31:33
Dorothy Hall 36:39 36:04
Nina Byrne 42:13 DNS
Dorothy Gay 46:52 43:30
Tina Stoecklin 46:53 43:54
Eliza Hull DNF – 2.5k in 23:22 43:17
Simon Gay DNS 22:52
Eleanor Linford DNS 31:10
Mark Eccleston DNS 31:37
Arthur Hall DNS 31:45
Charlie Linford DNS 43:56

Beer/Water Mile

David Pipe 08:08
Thomas Gay 08:17
David Craggs 08:21
Alex Byrne 09:24
George Craggs 09:43
Matthew Hall 09:52
Simon Linford 10:04
Henry Pipe 10:07
Arthur Reeves 10:08
Alf Pipe 11:43
Ewan Hull 12:18
David Hull 13:00

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Big Phil and Little Celie were just two of the 11 (and quite possibly more) ringers running in the Oxford Half Marathon last Sunday. Well done everyone! ... See MoreSee Less

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From today's Guardian:

United by football – and parkrunning

By the eternal flame, there is a vast statue of the unknown soldier, stretched prone, his right arm reaching out towards an unseen finish line. About 100 yards away, a gaggle of runners engage in a slightly awkward group warm-up while a terrier called Phoebe scurries about in a frenzy of excitement. This is the Kazan parkrun and, like so much else in Russia this month, the World Cup has made it a little different. Parkrunning is a phenomenon that began in Bushy Park, Teddington, in October 2004. The idea is simple: a timed 5km run on a properly measured course, the ethos being very much about participation rather than competition. It has proved wildly successful, and now stretches to 1,533 parks across 20 countries. A subculture of “parkrun tourists” has developed, as runners “collect” races along various themes. More than 20 runners, for instance, have ticked off all 52 London parkruns, while a recent trend is to try to complete a list of parkruns starting with every letter of the alphabet (apart from X; there are no Xs). Zs, understandably, are prized, which is why one visitor from London made the trip to Zhukovsky, about 25 miles from Moscow, on the Saturday before the World Cup began. The Kazan parkrun began in April 2015. It features a brutal hill in the middle of each of its two laps, and attracts an average of 29 runners. On Saturday, there were 38, at least five of them British, including Simon Marland, the secretary of Bolton Wanderers, who came a highly creditable fourth. The week before, there had been around 30 Australians. The local reaction was bemused but welcoming, as the World Cup does its job of bringing different cultures of together. Jonathan Wilson
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5 months ago

Bassingbourn Brainstrust Half Marathon 1st July - just 80 places left until we are sold out for the third year running. Your club represented but needs your company - with 40 places filled in the last few days, entry will close before 18th june. Book now and pick up one of this years new medals on the finish line. All info at ... See MoreSee Less

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